When I first considered using Casey’s services, it was when I was told I would have to have jaw surgery in October of 2006.  So of course, one of the side effects of having your jaw wired shut for a few weeks is some natural weight loss that comes along with it.  However, I wanted to use this blessing as true lifestyle change for myself, because I knew if I didn’t change my actual habits, any weight loss I experienced as a side effect of my recovery would just go back on.

After beginning with Casey just two days a week in January of 2007, I quickly learned the difference between what my mediocre attempts at cardio could do versus having a trained professional time your intervals, coach you along the way, and just simply hold me accountable to my goals.  Of course, as I really started to see my body change, I began to work harder.  When I got married in June of 2007, just a mere 6 months later, I never thought I’d look so good in my dress!  I think I lost close to 30 pounds from my heaviest in September of ’06.

After that initial success with Casey, he’s not only helped me maintain my goals, but also through my successful pregnancy with my youngest son, only gaining 28 pounds throughout my high risk gestation.  My bigger challenge and his larger credit come with the amazing journey of “body after baby”!   J  While it’s been much more difficult as your body and hormones recover from having a child, I feel like I’m in such better shape than even when I got married.

I would not only whole-heartedly recommend Casey Wilson to anyone considering a health and fitness change in their lives, but to anyone who needs an amazing support coach in their journey to a more healthy self.  You will never find an individual more committed to your success than he.  As I’ve told all of my friends and family, “If I’d known I could get these results by taking my procrastination out of the equation, I would’ve done it YEARS ago!”.  Casey simply helps remove that procrastination.

Your Committed Lifer,
Michelle Kern

Michelle Kern