I came to Casey 9 months before my wedding, I needed help and I needed it fast! The 1 on 1 workouts in a private setting really helped jump start my weight loss journey. Casey helped me lose close to 30 lbs before my big day. I went from never working out to being able to run 3+ miles straight. Since my wedding, I have stuck with Casey and he has helped me stick with my goals. He is constantly pushing you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. I have found a new love in running, completing half marathons and training for the ultimate 26.2. Casey was even able to keep me going through an injury. He made sure we eased up on the workouts and adjusted accordingly. Without his guidance and support, I would have never healed as quickly as I did and I would have lost most of my fitness ability.

If you are looking for long term success and accountability, Casey Wilson is your guy. I am so glad I came to him when I did. I only regret not finding him sooner!!

Kaitlin Williams