I made an appointment to see Casey back in 2014, because “working out,” has never been a hobby of mine, but I can’t argue against the benefits.  I’d grown weary of going to the gym and working with the revolving door of trainers, who lacked focus on overall healthy living and my goals.
My experience with Casey over the past few years, and the results that he’s helped me achieve, has led to many positive changes in my life.  Casey is very knowledgeable about all things fitness, is consistently reliable, focused on your results, and knows your limits before you do.  He pushes when he knows you have more gas, and tailors every workout to your personal goals.  He mixes things up, and has an eye on pushing to the next level – when you’re ready.
I highly recommend Wilson Personal Training, if you’re someone who just doesn’t get enough from the gym scene, and wants an overall healthy, tailored approach to achieving personal fitness goals.  50 minutes well-spent!

Dawn C.