There are so many great things I want to say about Casey and his personal training.  Firstly, I joined Wilson Personal Training in January 2014 to ensure my workout schedule would not fall out of place as I work full time and I coach lacrosse locally in the spring time.  Casey and I sat and and worked out a schedule that would eventually lead me to feeling the best physically since my lacrosse playing days in college. Mind you, I’m 6’2″ and when I started with Casey, I was pushing 190 lbs, and it wasn’t all muscle.  Casey has helped me shred a lot of the post-collegiate and I’ve gained a fair amount of muscle as Casey introduced me to a lot of cardio workouts, circuit training and then into heavy weights.  Casey is a great trainer, knows the work outs and is very motivating.  My body fat % from a 6 month training schedule (varied from 1 – 3 days a week depending on my coaching schedule) dropped from 17.9% to 10.9%.  THANKS CASEY!!

Charles Raub