Introduction to my new website and blog posts

I would like to welcome you to my new and updated website.  A big part of the new website is the ability for me to quickly update everyone about the business and products. Through the blog post and my ability to add content to the site immediately, I hope to keep all visitors updated on everything to do with Wilson Personal Training.  

On the blog, I will post information from me personally and information from other health and fitness professionals that I find useful for visitors.  I will post my newsletter, special events, and success stories about my clients.  All information will be related to fitness, health, community events and some of my personal life with fitness and family.  Peruse the new website and I would love your feedback.

Casey Wilson

Problems with my email account

I would like to let anyone that contacted me through email in the last four month’s that I may not of responded to you due to your email going into my spam folder.  Apparently,  sometime between the last email I got in late August from my website and the last 30 days, gmail started sending all emails to the spam folder instead of my primary email.  I just figured it out today that this was happening and I had two contacts in the last month that requested information from my website.  Since the spam folder deletes all email’s at 30 days, I have no idea how many inquiries were missed in the last 3 month’s.  I pride myself in responding to inquires within 24 hours and I would never not respond to a inquiry about my business.  I am frustrated to say the least!

Casey Wilson

Truth and Fitness Advertising During the New Year!

Starting in December you will start seeing a lot of commercials, web advertising and friends recommending nutrition and fitness programs.  Fitness equipment, gym memberships and the latest nutritional gimmicks advertising will bombard you with promises of amazing results.  So how do you decide what path to go down?  I have several tips for you that may help.
In my 17 years in the fitness business I have heard and seen most everything twice.  Many fitness ideas are repackaged and called something else 5 years later.  What you first need to ask yourself is what will work for you.  This takes an honest, self evaluation of your commitment level, time, ability and discipline level.  Second question you need to ask is what fitness or nutritional related program is being offered to you and does it correspond to your fitness personality.  For example, if you hate working out with a group of people, then do not get a membership to a group fitness program.  Even if your best buddy is loving it and pushing you to do it!  Finally, you need to understand that any fitness, supplement or nutrition product that makes claims that it is easy or simple is lying.  Getting in shape or changing body composition is hard work.  It takes focus, discipline and consistency to achieve real results.  I tell all new or potential clients that working with me is not easy and they will have a lot of hard work ahead of them.  The pay off is real results that everyone else who did not work for it will envy. 

Christmas Coupon

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I am an early Christmas shopper, so I wanted to offer this gift idea for your fitness minded family and friends.  You can purchase a gift card for 5 training sessions and one nutrition plan for $150.  Regular cost of this package is $300.  I will also throw in a WPT towel for the sweaty workouts.  This is only for first time clients.  Contact me for more information!
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What Does Age Have to do with Body Composition Change?

I had an interesting measurement day a few weeks ago.  I was taking measurements on two clients on the same day.  This happens often, but this day illustrated a point that I make with clients and during speeches frequently.  Any person at any age can change their body, but it takes more time and effort as you age.
Client A is 24 years old and working hard to reduce fat and build lean muscle.  Client B is also looking to achieve the same goals, but is in her 70’s.  In one month Client A lost 8.6 pounds of fat and gained .94 pounds of lean muscle.  In three months Client B lost 9.3 pounds of fat and gained .22 pounds of lean muscle.  Very similar results brought on by hard work and good nutrition, but it took two months longer for the older client.  
Over the years, I have trained many clients over the age of 50.  I have seen those clients have amazing success stories and achieve similar results as younger clients.  It takes more patience and discipline as you age, but you can achieve the body you want.  The better path is to take care of your body when you are young and maintain your fitness into your golden years.