Truth and Fitness Advertising During the New Year!

Starting in December you will start seeing a lot of commercials, web advertising and friends recommending nutrition and fitness programs.  Fitness equipment, gym memberships and the latest nutritional gimmicks advertising will bombard you with promises of amazing results.  So how do you decide what path to go down?  I have several tips for you that may help.
In my 17 years in the fitness business I have heard and seen most everything twice.  Many fitness ideas are repackaged and called something else 5 years later.  What you first need to ask yourself is what will work for you.  This takes an honest, self evaluation of your commitment level, time, ability and discipline level.  Second question you need to ask is what fitness or nutritional related program is being offered to you and does it correspond to your fitness personality.  For example, if you hate working out with a group of people, then do not get a membership to a group fitness program.  Even if your best buddy is loving it and pushing you to do it!  Finally, you need to understand that any fitness, supplement or nutrition product that makes claims that it is easy or simple is lying.  Getting in shape or changing body composition is hard work.  It takes focus, discipline and consistency to achieve real results.  I tell all new or potential clients that working with me is not easy and they will have a lot of hard work ahead of them.  The pay off is real results that everyone else who did not work for it will envy. 

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