Benefits of Working with Casey:

Lifestyle Change for long-term health.
Much more than just a workout, Casey guides you through a process of setting goals, understanding how your body works, learning better ways to eat and exercise, and making a habit out of a healthy lifestyle. Casey’s philosophy is to give you the tools to make a lasting transformation and improve your quality of life.

Since March of 2001 Casey has been a Professional Fitness Trainer, Casey has helped over 400 personal training clients achieve their fitness goals, lose weight, improve their performance in sports, and look and feel better. While many trainers may spend a few years working with clients part-time or as a side job, Casey has poured himself into making a full-time career of improving your experience of healthy living.

Casey draws his wealth of knowledge not only from his experience, but also from four fitness certifications. These include the National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA Weight Lifting, International Fitness Professionals Association, and Apex. What this means to you are workouts that are based on the latest research about health and fitness. Casey can create a fitness plan to fit your unique goals, body type, fitness level, and abilities. Another benefit of his diverse expertise is Casey keeps your training fun and interesting.

The “before and after” photos tell the story. Casey helps his clients get results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your performance in sports, enhance your overall health or get ready for that next class re-union, Casey knows how to get you there.

To get started, call Casey today at 916-871-8422.